What should I do if the win7 desktop shortcut is missing?


When a person uses a computer, in addition to the software that comes with the system, it will definitely download some other auxiliary software, which is often much higher than the software that comes with it, so habitually set a desktop. Shortcuts for easy use. However, many users have recently reported that shortcuts sometimes disappear suddenly and cannot be found, so many people are confused. The following small series will teach you how to retrieve the lost shortcuts, come and see!

1. Click the Start menu in the lower left corner of the screen, then select Control Panel to enter the interface of the Control Panel. , click to go to Appearance and Personalize - Show - Zoom in or out text and other items.

2. In the enlargement or reduction of text and other project settings window, adjust the text size, according to the needs of everyone to choose, such as the small selection here is medium-125%, then click below The OK button saves the settings.

3. Follow the above steps to re-do it, restore the settings you just modified to the default settings of the system, and log out of the system after the settings are complete.

These three steps are simple and convenient, so it's easy to get started. Those who are also experiencing this kind of problem can try it out and see if they can find the shortcuts that are lost!

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